first edition of 10 


22 × 27 cm

84 pages

thread-sewn hardcover

digital print

self published

photography & design: 

lena lotus

signed book

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hip hop as a cultural art form makes up a big part of my life for about 10 years now. in my work N°5 I developed my own visual hip hop, an imagery of my hometowns hip hop-culture. the work illuminates the staging and construction of identity and authenticity within hip hop. 

a critical view of my environment and my reality helped me realize my visual aesthetics. the focus of N°5 lies on staged portraits as well as the places, where hip hop emerges, develops and is performed. in this way I also try to deconstruct clichés in the context of hip hop culture. I want to show what community and unity means to me and the subculture of hip hop.

apart from photograpy I‘m active in an hip hop artists-collective named noedge, we organize and stage free open mic events, where young musicians can perform and express themselves in constant feedback with the audience.

love for the visual guidance to Erwin Polanc.