Light as a matter of perspective. Observating the ordinary - shadow subjects, hidden details of familiar objects. Searching for reflections of my own. Conceptualizing reality - archiving the world - creating utopia. Colorful dense abstractions. Diversity, passion - critical realization. Brief encounters, words left unspoken. Creating head space, finding purpose. 


2021 photo graz 020, altes kino leibnitz, leibnitz / AUT

2020 color me different, tangent gallery, detroit / USA

2019 fotografie ortweinschule, fotog. rathaus, graz / AUT

2019 taste the ortwein, designforum, graz / AUT

2019 lendwirbel, capperi! il locale, graz / AUT

2018 photo graz 018, kulturz. minoriten, graz / AUT