cover_density detroit.jpg

density detroit

first edition of 30 


21 × 29,4 cm

104 pages

thread-sewn swiss brochure

digital print

self published

photography & design:

lena lotus

signed book

58€ (excl. shipping)

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density detroit explores a city identity formed by spatial and social aggregation.

in my work the question of identity is always present, whether as an idea of place, as a concept of self or even as a sense of community. within the photographic medium I can shape my own perspective of place and belonging.

I try to analyze the various nested layers of Detroit and the relationship they have with one another. my grasp of the sometimes overwhelming impressions gets clearer through abstraction. it is a balancing act or rather correlation of fiction and realism and a question to our conception of surroundings.

there is a special mood to the streets of Detroit, some kind of absence.

an isolation of form and pattern.

love for the visual guidance to Corine Vermeulen.